Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why Organic Skin Care?

100% of our skin care ingredients are: edible, food grade, certified organic or organically grown and manufactured, natural, wild-harvested, fair-trade, vegan, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, chemical-free, sustainable, ethical, plant-based and biodegradable -- from head to toe! What every body needs . . .

What is organic?
Organic is the way plants and/or foods are grown and processed. Organic refers to strict standards that ensure no synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, sewage sludge, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are used; and that animal welfare and the environment is respected.

Natural vs. organic?
The terms "natural" and "organic" are not at all the same. The term natural is not regulated and has a broad meaning. According to government labeling requirements, it means that an ingredient "has not been significantly altered from its original state, nor has anything been removed from it (with the exception of water), nor have other substances been added to it."

In addition to not being regulated or certified in anyway, some "natural" products may contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), be grown with synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. At a product level, the product may also contain many other ingredients which are synthetic or artificial.

Any of the natural ingredients we use are only non-GMO, unaltered ingredients with NO synthetic or artificial additives. They have been wild-harvested and unavailable in organic or certified organic forms.

Organic products are made with ingredients grown without any synthetic chemicals, sewage sludge or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Organic products do not contain synthetic ingredients. Products only labeled "natural" often use synthetic preservatives and other un-natural ingredients, alongside plant ingredients, and get labeled natural with only few ingredients actually being "natural".

Organic vs. certified organic?
Only products which are grown according to the organic standards and verified by an approved certifier may be called "certified organic". This means that an ingredient and/or product has been grown or produced according to strict government-enforced organic agricultural standards and verified by an approved third-party certifying organization. To be certified organic, farmers must meet or exceed the organic standards (or equivalent) as established by the National Organic Program of the USDA, or the National Organic Standard of Canada (Canadian Standards Board - Government of Canada).

Being certified organic means:

  • Farmers have inspections of their fields and processing facilities by the third party certifying agency. Detailed record keeping is done along with periodic testing of the soil, plants and water to ensure that standards are being met.

  • A farm must have not used synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) within the conversion period (typically 2-3 years depending upon the certifying country).

  • The use of synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides or genetically modified organisms (GMOs), irradiation, sewage sludge, and antibiotics (in the base of meat or poultry) is prohibited.

  • 100% organic feed must be used for organic livestock.

Are all EdenSong Essentials Skin Care products organic?
Yes, they are organic or natural and we hope we are clear about it. All of our ingredient suppliers must adhere to our stringent selection criteria. Part of this criteria dictates that suppliers must show a genuine dedication to provide certified organic ingredients whenever possible. However, there are times when these suppliers cannot source enough raw material from their own organic farms, or the ingredients are grown in countries that do not have proper certification requirements, so they end up buying organic, wild-crafted, fair trade or conventionally grown ingredients without any synthetic chemicals (if organic is not available in sufficient quality or quantities), which results in them not being able to state that an ingredient is certified organic, just simply organic or natural.

Simply put, some ingredients cannot possibly be "certified organic", because they are grown in countries not under the strict guidelines we follow in North America. They are still, however, organically grown and natural ingredients without any synthetic chemicals.

At EdenSong we use ingredients that are certified organic, organic, wild-crafted, pure and natural without any synthetic chemicals.

We should also explain that in the beauty industry it is generally not the product that is certified organic, but some or all of the ingredients that are certified organic.

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The natural and organic way became a passion when I was pregnant with my first child, Eden, who is a Song in my heart, thus EdenSong Essentials. It began with food, using only those locally grown without chemicals and nothing pre-made, to making my own baby food, and it quickly progressed to formulating my own organic skin care products for myself and others. After much encouragement from friends, I launched the business and here we are!